Integrating Sphere Introduction

Integrating Sphere Introduction

Integrating sphere is a hollow sphere with high reflectance surface, it is widely applied in testing lumen, chromaticity coordinates, CCT, dominant wavelength and peak wavelength etc for light source or luminaries.

The inner coating reflectance of integrating sphere is an important index for integrating sphere. The inner wall of integrating sphere is painted by ideal diffuse reflection material, the diffuse reflectance factor of the material is close to 1. Common used materials are MgO or BaSO4, make it mixed with colloid binder and paint it on the inner wall. Lisun integrating sphere’s inner painting meets the requirement of standard CIE Pub.No.84(1989), the inner painting material is BaSO4. BaSO4 painting characteristics: ρ(λ)≥0.96(450nm~800nm) and ρ(λ)≥0.92(380nm~450nm), fine diffuse reflectance, reflectance≈0.8 and accuracy ρ(λ)<1.5%. Lisun integrating sphere’s interface is standard SMA905 interface, it is made by carbon steel material.

Integrating sphere generally has 2 kinds structure. One is 2π geometry, another is 4πgeometry. Lisun IS-*MA New design integrating sphere with holder base can do 4πtest for all kinds of different light source, IS-*M**P integrating sphere with side assistant opening not only can do 4πtest but also do 2πtest. 4πtest is to put the light source in the middle of the integrating sphere, 2πtest is to put the light source at the side opening. 4πtest is for all types of SSL products including all directional emission products or just one directional emission products, 2πtest is for SSL products having only forward emission.

In order to make all types of SSL products to do 4πtest easily, Lisun develops IS-*MA New design integrating sphere with holder base. Inter has a detachable unloading base, according to various different light source, install different jigs on the base, it is very easy and convenient. The hold base can bear max 20kg, it can expanding to test all laps such as E27/E40, all tubes such as T5/T8/T12 an d all kinds of luminaries. The hold base can be installed in the ceiling or down, it can be adjusted the height.

Lisun Group’s IS-*MA New design integrating sphere with holder base is widely applied to Luminaries manufacturing enterprise and lab, such as Sharp Electronics in Memphis TN(USA), Institute for Optical Sciences (Canada), PT. SHARP SEMICONDUCTOR INDONESIA (Indonesia), TUV Rheinland InterCert Kft. (Hungary), Institute of Testing and Certification India Pvt. Ltd (India) etc. The reason why Lisun can win some many customers is because we always practice the motto of right products, right price and right service. Lisun will continue feedback good quality products and superior service in the feature.