The New Design 3m Electric Integrating Sphere

Compared with common integrating sphere, the all-new 3m integrating sphere has many improvements. Lisun engineers add the infrared anti-pinch device, the cross laser positioning and adjustable multifunctional holder base in the integrating sphere.

The world famous company Sharp Laboratories of America has purchased the Integrating Sphere. Here is the photo: the engineer of Lisun Electronics Inc. with the customers before the new Integrating Sphere during the training for Sharp Laboratories of America.


Here are some photos and video those show the installation, appearance and properties of the new integrating sphere.

All the components

The process of the sphere splicing

The status of the sphere opened

The motor and switch of integrating sphere

The cross laser positioning system in the integrating sphere

The multifunction holder base in the center of sphere can install the corresponding holder according to the different light source. The holder base is detachable, which can install in the bottom or the roof of the integrating sphere according to the light source. The height of the holder base is adjustable.

Please come to the “Video” tab of the product page New Design 3m Electric Integrating Sphere to watch the video of the device of infrared anti-pinch device.