Coupling Decoupling Network for Communication Lines

Coupling Decoupling Network for Communication Lines

Product No: CDN61000-5C

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The COUPLING DECOUPLING NETWORK FOR UNSHIELDED SYMMETRICAL HIGH SPEED COMMUNICATION LINES CDN61000-5C is designed for convenient surge testing with 1.2/50μs pulses, as defined in IEC / EN 61000-4-5 Ed. 3, it works with LISUN SG61000-5 Series Surge Generator.

• Application Range: ≤4kV, 1.2/50us pulse, 8 wire unshielded twisted pair (UTP)
• Test Voltage: Max 4KV, 2 kV (1.2/50 µs pulse when RJ45 connector is connected. Maximum test voltage is 1.5kV when RJ45 female is unconnected or auxiliary terminal is not protected.)
• Coupling mode: 90V gas- discharge tube+250ohm Resistor/Each Wire, 8 Wires Simultaneously-Ground (Common Mode)
• Input and output interface: RJ45 connector
• Terminal layout (RJ45 connector):
First pair of lines: pins 1/2
Second pair of lines: pins3/6
Third pair of lines: pins 4/5
Fourth pair of lines: pins 7/8
• Max. operating speed: 1000MBit/s
• Max operating voltage: Max 50V DC
• Max operating current: Max 1A
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