LISUN engineer visit Croatia to install and train goniophotometer.

LISUN engineer visit Croatia to install and train goniophotometer.

Project Description
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  • 2017-05-24

A customer in Croatia bought a LSG-1800BCCD goniophotometer in LISUN. As soon as they received the goniophotometer in May, we arranged engineer to install and train to there. And LISUN is praised “Nice Service” here.

The installation and training went very well: In the whole process of the installation, LISUN engineer communicated with customers through English (All members in LISUN can speak English fluently). Firstly, according to the English manual provided by LISUN, the engineer and staff completed the installation of the test system together. And then, LISUN engineer trained them how to operate the test equipment patiently. Lastly, LISUN engineer practiced the test operation with staff together.

Here we share several pictures with you:


Picture 1: Engineers and customers in the lab

Picture 2: Engineers and customers in the office

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