Digital Oscilloscope

Product No: JC2202TA

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The JC Series Digital Oscilloscope was designed and produced by high accuracy electronic components and modules. The test accuracy is world high class. It is used in all kinds of electronic products testing.

ModelWidthSample RateMemoryDisplay
JC2062TA60 MHz1GSa/s4KTFT
JC2102T100 MHz500MSa/s4KTFT
JC2062T60 MHz500MSa/s4KTFT
JC2042T40 MHz500MSa/s4KTFT
JC2022T25 MHz500MSa/s4KTFT


• Mathematic functions
• 4k/Channel Memory depth
• Automatic setup of the menu
• Menu with multiple languages
• Digital Storage of the waveforms and setups
• Digital Storage Oscilloscope Use Manual
• Mono/Color LCD display 320*240 resolution
• Built-in FFT function digital filter, frequency counter
• Trigger on edger, video, pulse width, external and power
• Cursor measurements and automatic cursor tracking measurements
• Delayed scan function, can display both the full view and details of the waveforms