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Automatic lightning surge generator (or Lightning surge immunity) SG61000-5 is used to assess the power cord and connect the internal switch stood in line to connect the internal switch to provide a common basis for switching the natural world and lightning caused by the high-energy transient interference performance. Performance fully meets the IEC 61000-4-5, EN61000-4-5 and GB/T17626.5 standards.


Product ModelSG61000-5SASG61000-5NASG61000-5SBSG61000-5NBSG61000-5SG61000-5H-SPSG61000-5H15-SPSG61000-5TSG61000-5H
Output Voltage (Open)1.2/50μs±20%1.2/50μs±20%1.2/50μs±20%1.2/50μs±20%1.2/50μs±20%1.2/50μs±20%1.2/50μs±20%1.2/50μs±20%1.2/50μs±20%
Output Current (Short)8/20μs±20%8/20μs±20%8/20μs±20%8/20μs±20%8/20μs±20%8/20μs±20%8/20μs±20%8/20μs±20%8/20μs±20%
Output Impedance2Ω and 12Ω2Ω and 12Ω2Ω and 12Ω2Ω and 12Ω2Ω and 12Ω2Ω 12Ω and 500Ω2Ω 12Ω and 500Ω2Ω and 12Ω2Ω 12Ω and 500Ω
Output Voltage Range0~4.8KV±10%0~6KV±10%0~4.8KV±10%0~6KV±10%0~6KV±10%0~10KV±10%0~15KV±10%0~6KV±10%0~10KV±10%
Output Current Range0~2.4KA±10%0~3KA±10%0~2.4KA±10%0~3KA±10%0~3KA±10%0~5KA±10%0~7.5KA±10%0~3KA±10%0~5KA±10%
Surge Repetition1~9999 times1~9999 times1~9999 times1~9999 times1~9999 times1~9999 times1~9999 times1~9999 times1~9999 times
Interval Time20~9999s20~9999s20~9999s20~9999s20~9999s30~9999s40~9999s20~9999s30~9999s
PolarityPositive, Negative or Positive/Negative automatic
Phase ShiftAsynchronous, Synchronization 0°~ 360° or Specific Angle
Special FunctionN/ABuilt-in surge voltage and current probe (1000:1), connect with LISUN JC2202TA directly
Operation WayButton InputTouch screen with super big LCD and built-in Windows CE
Dimensions (WxDxH)44x45x35cm44x45x35cm44x45x35cm56x69x155cm56x69x155cm44x45x55cm56x69x155cm
Gross WeightAbout 30kgAbout 30kgAbout 30kgAbout 270kgAbout 350kgAbout 48kgAbout 270kg
Coupling/Decoupling Network (CDN)Includes a 16A single phase CDNIncludes a 20A 3phases CDN
Isolution Transformer for EUT (Option)LISUN ITEU-SP4K (220V Single phase) or ITUS-SP2K (110V)LISUN ITEU-TP10K or ITUS-TP5K

Remark: 12KV, 20KV and more higer voltage Surge Generator can be designed according to customer request.


Surge Generator

6KV Short Circuit Current Output Waveform (780:1)               6KV Open Circuit Voltage Output Waveform (1000:1)

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