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WT2080 LED Power Driver Test Instrument is the comprehensive test instrument for LED drive power which is according to GB/T 24825-2009 and IEC 62384:2006. It can measure the following parameters: Input Characteristics Test (AC&DC), Output Characteristics Test (AC&DC), Output Start Characteristics Test (DC) and Harmonic Testing.

1. Input Characteristics Test (AC)
• To measure the input voltage, current, power, power factor, power grid frequency
• The fundamental frequency scope of the current and voltage: 45Hz~65Hz; Narrowband range: 45Hz~5kHz; Broadband range: 45Hz~1MHz.
• Voltage range: 3~300 V (CF=1.67); Current range: 5mA ~ 2.7A (CF=3); Power range: 0.015~800W; Power factor range: 0.000~1.000.

2. Input Characteristics Test (DC)
• Measuring voltage, current, power.
• Voltage range: 3~500V; Current range: 5mA~8A; Power range: 0.015~4000W

3. Output Characteristics Test (AC)
• Measuring lamp voltage, lamp current, lamp power.
• Lamp voltage range: 3~300V (CF=3); Lamp current range: 5mA~2.7A(CF=3); Lamp power range: 0.015~800W

4. Output Characteristics Test (DC)
• Measuring output lamp voltage, lamp current, lamp power, ripple wave current.
• Voltage range: 3~500V; Current range: 5mA~8A; Power range: 0.015~4KW; Ripple wave current range: 5mA~2.5A.

5. Output Start Characteristics Test (DC)
• Change curve and data of the measuring lamp voltage and lamp current within 0~2 seconds.
• Lamp voltage range: 3~500V; Lamp current range: 5mA~8A

6. Harmonic Testing
 Total harmonic and the harmonic component of 0~50 times, wave ratio, initial phase angle, peak phase angle, the phase Angle

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