Products Category: Goniophotometer

A goniophotometer is a photometer for measurement of the angular dependence of optical quantities: luminous intensity distribution, luminous flux, spatial color distribution, and luminance distribution of lamps and luminaires.

LM-79 Goniophotometer Systems: LSG-5000/LSG-3000/LSG-2000
Goniophotometer for Automotive and Signal Lamps: LSG-1950/LSG-1950S
Rotation Luminaire Goniophotometer: LSG-1800B
Near Field Moving Detector Goniophotometer: LSG-1900B
Compact Goniophotometer for Small Lamps: LSG-1200A

Products Category: Spectroradiometer

Spectroradiometer is widely used to measure the spectral, photometric and colorimetric parameters of all kinds of lighting sources: relative spectral power distribution P(λ), chromaticity coordinate (x,y), (u,v), correated color temperature Tc, color rendering index Ra, dominant wavelength, peak wavelength, spectral bandwidth, color purity, color ratio, SDCM, luminous flux.

Scientific Grade CCD Spectroradiometer: LMS-9500B/LMS-9500A
High Precision CCD Spectroradiometer: LMS-9000B
CCD Spectroradiometer: LMS-7000
Portable CCD Spectroradiometer: LMS-6000

Products Category: Integrating Sphere

Integrating sphere needs to be used together with spectroradiometer to the spectral, photometric and colorimetric parameters of all kinds of lighting sources.The traditional integrating sphere is assembled by several pieces. Lisun Group developed A Molding Technology to produce the sphere. A Molding Integrating Sphere will be more round and the test results will be more accuracy than the traditional integrating sphere. Integrating sphere can be designed according to customer’s request.

Integrating Sphere With Side Assistant Opening: IS-*MA**P/IS-*MA**C
Integrating Sphere With Holder Base: IS-*MA
Constant Temperature Integrating Sphere: IS-*MT
New Design 3 meter Electric Integrating Sphere: IS-3.0MA