Wire and cableFlame Tester

Product No: RSB-WC

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Wire and cable Flame Tester is used to test and evaluate the combustion characteristics of single insulated wires or cables. This equipment meets the requirements of IEC60332-1-1、GB18380.11/12-2008、GB18380.1-2001、IEC60335-1(GB4706.1). The product tank shell is irony spray, and is resistant to smoke corrosion, the digital meter shows time. This device has beautiful appearance, is easy to use and has reliable performance.


• Flame box: size of box: W300xH1200xD450mm
• Gas: High purity propane gas or petroleum liquefied gas (user-supplied)
• Tested wire and cable length: 600±25mm
• Tested wire and cable outer diameter: conductor diameter > 0.8mm or cross-sectional area > 0.5mm²
• The flame should be continuously burned: Burning time:0.1-999.9s ( continuously set)
• Gas Flow: 0.03~0.3ml/Min
• Air Flow: 3-30L/min
• Box material: irony spray
• Burning lamp standard power : 1KW
• Customer need to prepare air compressor
• Power supply and voltage: AC 220V 50HZ 5A