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  • 20 Mar, 2017

Columbia – Installation for waterproof dustproof test, goniophotometer, temperature humidity chamber, vibration table, UV lamps aging chamber, etc

In March 2017, Lisun engineer visited Columbia to do installation and training for our customer who is lad client. The customer is a famous laboratory in local, and laboratory is dedicated to technical testing and analysis activities. The client has purchased so many instruments from Lisun this time. Such as JL-X Waterproof Test SystemSC-015 Dustproof Testing MachineLSG-1800XCCD High Precision Rotation LuminaireGDJS-010A High and Low Temperature Humidity Chamber, and so on. The following are some pictures at customer side:

Figure 1: JL-X Waterproof Test System

Figure 2: LSG-1800XCCD High Precision Rotation Luminaire

Figure 3: Electrodynamic Vibration Generator System

Figure 4: UV aging test Chamber

Figure 5: Needle Flame Test

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