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  • 10 Jun, 2017

Intelligent Lighting

Intelligent Lighting is the distributed lighting control system by using internet of things technology, wired/wireless communication technology, power line carrier communication technology, and embedded computer intelligent information process and energy-saving control technology to realize the intelligent control of lighting equipment.

Shanghai launched a pilot project of the first road intelligent poles in Oct, 2015, which can achieve WIFI internet, reserve parking and call center personnel for video calls and other functions. WIFI device on the poles can fully cover the road network, the public can use WIFI to connect internet and enjoy the surfing convenience experience. The public can make an appointment via the mobile terminal and charge at the designated parking space to alleviate the current status of insufficient city charge piles. High-definition network dome connects with the outdoor radio, voice intercom equipment; the public can make video calls with help center personnel by pressing on the help button in case of emergency. Location and monitoring content of help information will also be sent to the management directly. Light poles can also connect 4G network, the public can search information directly by the touch screen. The touch screen can also display the news, warning and announcement issued by government. In addition, the pole also has air quality test function.

Following the Shanghai intelligent street light pilot, Beijing also joins them. The composite lights of Beijing pilot integrate intelligent lighting, micro-base stations, connecting WIFI, road video monitoring, release wind speed temperature and pressure information, charging piles and many other functions.

Intelligent lighting will be more and more widely used in urban lighting and home lighting. With the arrival of the Internet of things Era, intelligent lighting will be the future development trend of lighting.

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