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  • 11 Jun, 2017

LED Driver Aging Rack meets the Standard IEC62384-2011

The quality of LED driver will influence the life of LED lamp directly. Therefore, we need to control the quality of LED driver strictly. According to IEC62384-2011 and GB/T 24825-2009 DC OR AC SUPPLIED ELECTRONIC CONTROL GEAR FOR LED MODULES – PERFORMANCE REQUIREMENTS.

The control gear shall be subjected to a temperature cycling shock test and a supply voltage switching test as follows:
a. Temperature cycling shock test
The non-energised control gear shall be shored firstly at -10C or if the control gear is marked with a lower value, at that value for 1h. The control gear is then moved into a cabinet having a temperature of Tc and stored for 1h. Five such temperature cycles shall be carried out.
b. Supply voltage switching test
At rated supply voltage the control gear shall be switched on and off for 30s. The cycling shall be repeated 200 times with no load and 800 times with maximum load conditions.

LED modules failing during this test shall be replaced immediately. At the end of these tests the control gear shall operate an appropriate LED module or LED modules correctly for 15 min.

Many LED driver manufacturers encounter the problems of LED driver failure. Lisun designs the LEDRACK-100W192P LED Driver Aging Rack, which is according to IEC62384: 2011 and GB/T 24825-2009. It is used for LED driver finished product line test, which can help enterprises to filter out the defective driver.

LEDRACK-100W192P LED Driver Aging Rack detail specification:
• Application range: LED driver and multi channel driver power aging. It has equipped with computer operation and monitor system. The working condition can be set by the computer, and the computer will record real time data to do statistical analysis.
• The parameters of load can be set freely on the software, to monitor the real time voltage, current, and power etc
• Load mode: CC, CV, CR, CP, and LED
• Aging Control System includes: ON/OFF control signal output; Signal of relay switch control; K type thermocouple temperature acquisition

Lisun LEDRACK-100W192P LED Driver Aging Rack helps LED driver manufacturers eliminates the poor quality LED drive powers before out of factory. Welcome to consult Lisun LEDRACK-100W192P LED Driver Aging Rack.

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