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  • 17 Feb, 2014

New Integrating Sphere Design

Due to the LED luminaries such as LED street luminaries developed, to do 4π geometry testing, it is hard to be hold in the traditional integrating sphere design. To solve this problem, Lisun design a new kind of sphere.


New Integrating Sphere Design

1. The hold base can bear max 20kg, it can expanding to test all lamps such as E27/E40, all tubes such as T5/T8/T12, and all kinds of luminaries
2. The hold base can be installed in the ceiling or down, it can be adjusted the height
3. Hold base has four power cables connect to the outside Power Supply and max is 5KW

Please review the video for the new integrating sphere of 3m diameter (IS-3.0M1010P).

From today, we accept the order for this kind new integrating sphere, please note the order code is IS-*MA or IS-*MA**P.

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