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  • 26 Nov, 2018

How to measure electric, photometric and colorimetric parameters for LED lamps and lanterns?

The main parameters of LED lamps and lanterns include:
A: Electric parameters: voltage, current, lamp power, power factor, harmonic, etc
B: Colorimetric parameters: correlated color temperature, color rendering index, chromaticity tolerance, color coordinates, SDCM, etc
C: Photometric parameters: luminous flux, output luminous efficiency, beam angle, UGR table, intensity distribution, candela table, IES LDT files, etc

(1) Electrical parameters are very easy to measure. Just apply one power meter to the integrating sphere system or goniophotometer system.

(2) There are two methods for colorimetric parameters measurement.
First, we use spectroradiometer integrating sphere system.
Second, we put a spectroradiometer and color sensor in the goniophotometer darkroom. You can  measure color property parameters and also color temperature distribution according to the angle. 

(2) For total lumen, luminou flux measurement, there are also two methods. 
First, we use spectroradiometer integrating sphere system. This method is better for light sources and small lamps.
Sencond, we use goniophotometer system. This method is better for big lamps and luminaries.

(3) There are some other photometric parameters, such as beam angle, UGR table, intensity distribution, candela table, IES files. These parameters all have to do with space or angles. The only method is using goniophotometer. 


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