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  • 07 Jan, 2017

Standard operating procedures of Spectroradiometer & Integrating Sphere System

Spectroradiometer & Integrating Sphere System as main test device to measuring LED lamps, it’s as a most important device to judge the quality of lighting products. How to operating these device and make it have better work condition became the point, so the standard operating procedures of device is necessary. In the practice, the standard operating procedures have two parts: one is standard laboratory hardware requirement; the second is operator’s skills and practices experience.

The following is details introduction:

The first part laboratory hardware environment, normally, there have some requirements about photometric lab: Lab room size, this will be depend on by test device’s dimension and height of test device; the second is inside air flow at lab room, temperature range, humidity range and safety protection measures. These are general requirements, the details specs and requirement can refer relevant ISO and IEC etc standards.

The second part is point. First we need know what’s kind of device of spectroradiometer & integrating sphere system have: a one full test system consist of spectroradiometer, optical fiber, digital power meter(measuring electrical parameters), AC power source(power supply the tested lamp), DC power source(power supply the standard lamp), integrating sphere(provide the test environment), standard lamp(calibrate the integrating sphere) and cabinet(load all device together).

Before test, there must do following things:

1、 Check all connections to make sure all the connecting is correct(the connection included between the device and device and between device and power supply);
2、 Open the computer and software, then set up relevant parameters(like the calibration data);
3、 Install the standard lamp at right place of integrating sphere, please refer this procedure according to lab requirements;
4、 Turn on the DC power source after successful install the standard lamp, input the calibration data of standard lamp to test software, then start pre-heat the standard lamp and calibrating. After successful calibration, turn off the DC power source and take uninstall the standard lamp, then switch the DC to AC power supply;
5、 Install the tested lamp(attention the type of lamp, if the tested lamp is emitting light in all directions, like the LED bulb, CFL etc which had better install it at centre position of integrating sphere to do 4π test; if tested lamp is emitting light in forward direction, like the LED street lamp, LED panel etc which had better install in at side position of integrating sphere to do 2π test. After installed the tested lamp, turn on the AC power source and set pre-hear time at software, normally the pre-heat time need 10 minutes will be ok;
6、 After pre-heating, the software will automatic analysis the data and get results, then print out the test report;
7、 After finished the above all procedures, then turn of the power supply of device and switchboard power supply.

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