DC Power Source for Standard Lamp

Product No: DC3005S
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DC3005S is Adjustble Digital DC Power Current Source for standard lamp. Function and technical indexes are as follows:
• output voltage: 30V
• output current: DC 0~3A/5A 
• Output current drift at full scale: ±0.05% reading value/10 mins
• Accuracy of ampere meter: ± (0.08% reading value + 0.02% full scale)
• Max output power: 90W/150W
• Work environment: Temperature 0℃ -25℃, humidity ≤ 85%R.H, supply source: AC220 ±10%, 50/60HZ
• Holding conditions: -20~50℃ humidity < 75%R.H
• Outside dimension (W×H×D): 340mm×220mm×270mm
• Weight: about 5kg

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