Digital CC and CV DC Power Supply

Product No: DC3005
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The Adjustable Digital Constant Current and Constant Voltage DC Power Supply is with high stability and high accuracy. The voltage and current can be adjustable and can output costant current or constant voltage. They are suitable to supply DC Power for the standard lamp and the large power LED. Other voltage and current CC and CV DC Power Supply can be designed according to customer’s request.

Model DC3005 DC3010 DC6005 DC6010 DC12005
Output Voltage Range 0.005-30.00V 0.005-30.00V 0.005-60.00V 0.005-60.00V 0.0010-120.0V
Output Current Range 0.005-5.000A 0.005-10.00A 0.005-5.000A 0.005-10.00A 0.005-5.00A
Voltage 0~30V, 0~60V or 0~120V
Resolution of Voltmeter 0.0001V (0.1V – 10.000V)  0.001V (10.000V – 60.000V)
Accuracy of Voltage and
+/- (0.02 Reading+0.01% Range+1 Digit)
Stability of Output Voltage +/-0.01% Reading/3min
Stability of Output Current +/-0.01% Reading/3min
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