Electrostatic Discharge Simulator

Product No: ESD61000-2
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ESD simulator (Electrostatic Discharge Generator or Electrostatic Gun) is in full compliance with IEC 61000-4-2, EN61000-4-2, ISO10605, GB/T17626.2, GB/T17215.301 and GB/T17215.322. The ESD generator is designed for the assessment of electrical and electronic equipment to withstand ESD performance. ESD61000-2/ESD61000-2A has LCD display in both English and Chinese, they equipped with an infrared remote control which can allow you do the test in some special place.


Product Model ESD61000-2 ESD61000-2A
Output Voltage 0.1~20kV±5% 0.1~30kV±5%
Polarity Positive/Negative Positive/Negative
Energy Storage Capacitance 150pF±10% (Replaceable) 150pF±10% (Replaceable)
Discharge Resistor 330Ω±5% (Replaceable) 330Ω±5% (Replaceable)
Current Rise Time 0.6~1ns 0.6~1ns
Testing Functions Single, Count, 20pps, Air, Contact, IEC level Single, Count, 20pps, Air, Contact, IEC level
Numbers of Discharge 1~9999 1~9999
Repetition 0.05s~99.99s 0.05s~99.99s
Working Power AC220V (Option 110V) ±10%, 50/60Hz AC220V (Option 110V) ±10%, 50/60Hz

Touch screen with super big LCD and built-in Windows CE

Calibrate Report:

Output Voltage (kV) First Peak Current (A) Current at 30ns (A) Current at 60ns (A) Rise Time (ns)
2 7.29 4.10 2.20 0.93
4 15.40 7.90 4.30 0.97
6 23.20 12.10 6.50 0.97
8 29.40 16.20 9.30 0.89
-2 7.39 3.50 2.30 0.92
-4 15.50 7.70 4.30 0.89
-6 23.40 11.90 6.30 0.90
-8 31.80 16.10 8.20 0.90

Note: Metal holder needs extra cost.



Electrostatic Discharge Simulator Waveform

Electrostatic Discharge Simulator

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