Multifunctional Immunity Test System For Automotive Electronics

Product No: EMS-ISO7637
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EMS-ISO7637 automotive multifunctional immunity test system meet newest ISO7637-2 requirement of<Road Vehicles – Conductive Coupling Electrical Interference – Part 2 Electrical Transient Conductivity Tests for Power Lines>. This standard was issued by international organization for standardization, and this system included all of ISO7637 required test waveform and meet most of automotive manufacturer’s requirement for automotive electronic immunity test.

Technical Characteristics:
• This system included all of ISO7637-2: 2011 standard required test waveform (ISO16750-2 is option).
• Operate screen: Adopted with big colorful LCD tocuch screen and application with main module expand technology architecture design.
• Designed for 12V/24V automotive electronic immunity test.
• Built-in various host interfaces and can work with LISUN developed software together to communicate with PC.
• The software has included all relevant test standards option, customers can add freely and update by themselves.

System Configuration:
• LIS-7600: Control host of immunity test system
• LIS-7610: P1 and P2a waveform generator
• LIS-7630: P3a and P3b waveform generator
• LIS-7620: P2b and P4 waveform generator (Option is LIS-7640 which include P2b and P4 waveform generator to fully meet ISO7637-2 and ISO16750-2)
• LIS-7650: P5a and P5b waveform generator
• Transient conduct, emission electromagnetic interference test

Multifunctional Immunity Test System For Automotive Electronics

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