RF Conducted Immunity Test System

Product No: RFCI61000-4-6
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RFCI61000-4-6 RF Conducted Immunity Test System is an automatic test system which is for the conduction sensitivity testing, it is fully meets IEC61000-4-6.2006, ISO11452-4, GB/T17626.6-2008 and GTB152B-CS114 etc standards. RFCI61000-4-6 internal source and broadband power amplifier can be generated 3 voltage test levels: 1v, 3v and 10v, and has the function of the real detect output level. It has two operation software which is calibration software and test software. When measuring, the signal is in 1 KHZ sine wave amplitude modulation system (80%) to simulate the actual harassment, and can through the coupling/decoupling network (CDN or electromagnetic clamp) to make the harassment signal coupled to the device.

System Configuration: 
• Main Instrument: Programmable signal source and 20w linear power amplifier
• Attenuator: 50W/6dB (50Ω)
• Coupling/decoupling network: CDN (RFCI61000-4-6CDN) or EM (RFCI61000-4-6EM)
• Cable Jumper: One meter N-N (50Ω) and one USB

• Frequency range: 150K~230M;
• Calibration for continuous wave: 1V (120dBμ), 3V (130dBμ), 10V (140dBμ);
• 80% AM radio frequency modulation signal (modulation frequency is 1k) when testing;
• Frequency step: Segmentation step, specific steps as below: 150K~1M (10K), 1M~30M (1M) and 30M~230M (10M), the proportion step (1% ~ 100% adjustable);
• Dwell time: 1s ~ 120s (adjustable);
• Output power error: ±1dB;

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