Transient Over-voltages Tester

Product No: SUG335
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The SUG335 is a 1.2/50μs Transient Over-voltages Tester. The polarity interval time can be at least 1s. The standard voltage waveform complies with the IEC 60335, IEC61180, IEC 62052-11: 2003, IEC 61008-1: 1996, IEC 61009-1:1996 and IEC 60947-1: 1995, IEC60060, IEC1036 surge voltage test and has been used for safety testing to determine if the clearance was fulfilled the safety requirement while the transient voltage in the circuit.

• Time of surge wave front: 1.2µs ± 30%
• Time of half value of wave tail: 50µs ± 20%
• Surge voltage: 1 ~ 12.5kV ≤ ±3%
• Output Impendence: 42Ω
• Polarity interval (Adjustable): 1 ~ 99s (The IEC60335:2010+A1:2013 page 43 clause 14 request)
• Surge times (Adjustable): 1 ~ 9999 times
• Polarity: positive and negative
• How to check the Waveform: Built-in surge voltage probe (1000:1), connect with LISUN JC2202TA directly

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