LED Driver Aging Test Rack

Product No: LEDRACK-100W192P
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The LED Driver Aging Test Rack is applied to the production line for the finished products testing. With features of simplified operation and nice-looking, the workers can operate it at very short time. This system can meet the requirements of IEC62384, GB24825-2009 and other relative standards.

The LED Driver Aging Rack includes three parts: LED Driver Aging Rack, Aging Control System includes PC & software, and LED Load Module.

• Application range: LED driver and multi channel driver power aging. It has equipped with computer operation and monitor system. The working condition can be set by the computer, and the computer will record real time data to do statistical analysis.
• The parameters of load can be set freely on the software, to monitor the real time voltage, current, and power etc
• Load mode: CC, CV, CR, CP, and LED
• Aging Control System includes: ON/OFF control signal output; Signal of relay switch control; K type thermocouple temperature acquisition
• The channels are parallel connected under arbitrary load mode, which can allow product power expansion
• The LED Driver Aging rack will design according to customer’s LED driver power and aging quantity per time
• Automatic current switching function (optional)
• AC power meter to measure modules, and test power input characteristics (optional)
• Temperature monitoring function at product zone (optional)
• PWM dimming and two sets of logic control signal function (optional)

LED Driver Aging Test Rack

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