LED Power Driver Tester

Product No: WT2080
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WT2080 LED Power Driver Test Instrument is the comprehensive test instrument for LED drive power which is according to GB/T 24825-2009 and IEC 62384:2006. It can measure the following parameters: Input Characteristics Test (AC&DC), Output Characteristics Test (AC&DC), Output Start Characteristics Test (DC) and Harmonic Testing.

The WT2080 usually works with LISUN LSP-500VAR pure sine AC Power Source and LISUN M9822 DC Electronic Load to test LED Driver. The software can be run Win7, Win8 and Win10.

LED Driver Test System

1. Input Characteristics Test (AC)
• To measure the input voltage, current, power, power factor, power grid frequency
• The fundamental frequency scope of the current and voltage: 45Hz~65Hz; Narrowband range: 45Hz~5kHz; Broadband range: 45Hz~1MHz.
• Voltage range: 3~300 V (CF=1.67); Current range: 5mA ~ 2.7A (CF=3); Power range: 0.015~800W; Power factor range: 0.000~1.000.

2. Input Characteristics Test (DC)
• Measuring voltage, current, power.
• Voltage range: 3~500V; Current range: 5mA~8A; Power range: 0.015~4000W

3. Output Characteristics Test (AC)
• Measuring lamp voltage, lamp current, lamp power.
• Lamp voltage range: 3~300V (CF=3); Lamp current range: 5mA~2.7A(CF=3); Lamp power range: 0.015~800W

4. Output Characteristics Test (DC)
• Measuring output lamp voltage, lamp current, lamp power, ripple wave current.
• Voltage range: 3~500V; Current range: 5mA~8A; Power range: 0.015~4KW; Ripple wave current range: 5mA~2.5A.

5. Output Start Characteristics Test (DC)
• Change curve and data of the measuring lamp voltage and lamp current within 0~2 seconds.
• Lamp voltage range: 3~500V; Lamp current range: 5mA~8A

6. Harmonic Testing
 Total harmonic and the harmonic component of 0~50 times, wave ratio, initial phase angle, peak phase angle, the phase Angle

LED Power Driver Tester

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