CCD Spectroradiometer

Product No: LMS-7000
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LMS-7000 Fiber Optic CCD Color Spectroradiometer  is applied with TOSHIBA TCD1304DG linear array CCD detector, measurement speed is very quick and cost-saving.
• The following wavelength range is with 0.8nm FWHM:

200~400nm 200~800nm 380~800nm 380~1050nm 200~1050nm

• Integrating time is 1ms to 60s
• CCD Detector is 3648pix which size is 8μm×200mμm
• SNR (Signal to Noise Ratio) is 1000: 1 (Full range). A/D is 16bit
• Communicate with PC by USB2.0. The software has a rich re-develop platform which can be run in WinXP and Win7.
• Optical port is SMA905

Typical Application:
The LMS-7000 is for LED Color & Photo measure. It works with a small size integrating sphere and standard lamp as a test system: LPCE-3 CCD Spectroradiometer Integrating Sphere Compact System. This system can do the following test.

Colorimetric: Chromaticity Coordinate (x, y) and (u, v), Relative Spectral Power Distribution P(λ), Correlated Color Temperature (Tc), Color Rendering Index (Ra, R1 to R14), Color Difference, Dominant Wavelength, Peak Wavelength, Half-bandwidth, Spectral Purity
Photometric: Luminous Flux (Lumen)

• Spectral Resolution: ±0.2nm
• Reproducibility: ±0.5nm
• Accuracy of Chromaticity Coordinate (Δx, Δy): ±0.003
• Correlated Color Temperature CCT: 1, 500K ~ 25, 000K (±3%)
• High spectral resolution, High sensitivity and excellent reliability

Other Application:
The LMS-7000 works with other accessories, it can be used to do test and analysis in the following field and area. Please contact Lisun Group sales dept for the detail solution and Price.

LMS-7000 CCD Spectroradiometer

CCD Spectroradiometer

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